My collegues at work gave me negative energy, also they talk so much and fill my head with nonsense complaints?

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What can do about that?

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Accept it, change it or leave it.

etcha sketch

Tough spot to be in. it is not like you can go out just get another job……try just to be stronger. Get a negativity shield and put it on when you punch in. Make sort of like a little ceremony that you do in your head ever time you punch in. Punch in, negativity shield on, and locked, get to work. then it gets really bad, put in ear plugs. Again, make a big deal about it so that when someone sees you putting them in, they might ask and then you can spread the word that your work place is infected. Even go tell your boss that your work place is infected, maybe he or she can send out a memo in every ones paycheck envelopes.
My company actually let go one employee for being negative all the time, and bad mouthing the company (and she was there for 11yrs!). When they hired her back after a yr of her begging to come back, they drew up a non-negative contract w/her. People watch and listen to her every word to make sure she doesn’t break the contract…..true story.
Just start spreading the word that your workplace is infected with negativity and be like a spokesperson to a new non-negativity group. Positivity should catch on after they realize that they are doing it. Negativity is a bad habit people fall into and don’t even know they are doing it. Bring it to light. I am sure there are others there that don’t wanna be involved either, just like you. Seek THEM out. Shine the light and do what you can to stop it.

Pam R

walk away or tune them out



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