Home Discussion Forum My brother is suffering from blood pressure.Yoga will help to cure?

My brother is suffering from blood pressure.Yoga will help to cure?

My brother is suffering from blood pressure.
His blood pressure remain 110-140.
He is also taking stamlo-5 but blood pressure do not control.
I have heard about yoga.Is it will control blood pressure?
I need your guidence please.


  1. he has to go STRICT on his diet!!
    is he overweight??weight also contributes to BP
    say no to JUNKS!!!
    YOGA will definetly help
    morning jogs and 4-5 exercises will help him
    for sometime he may have to increase the strength to 10 mg
    all the best

  2. Yoga is great for the body, but what he really needs is to cut salt out of his diet. Tell him to switch to natural sea salt, and even that he should use sparingly.

  3. There is an FDA approved device that helps to regulate your breathing……similar to what you can get with yoga and meditation. It was shown in clinical trials to lower BP. Of course, no side effects.
    See links to amazon below. While there get a BP monitor as well. That way you can keep records of your readings, day, night, standing sitting and lying to share with your helathcare professional to aid the collaborative management of BP

  4. the AMA came out with a report in 2006 endorsing transcendental meditation as a means in many for lowering blood pressure whether it works for you in lowering your stress and blood pressure is the question . One way to find out get a yoga instructor or a guru.. myself i’m not leaving it up to mere chanting but i’ve bought a bicycle and the exercise will no doubt do wonders that medicine only dreams of . Also watch my diet already (no fats plenty of fresh highfiber no processed junk and lots of water)


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