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My boyfriend lost his ability to see auras?

A few days ago, my best friend told me he could see auras. I didn’t think it was weird because i see ghosts. Personally, i’ve tried seeing auras before but i don’t naturally have the talent :/ Anyway, he asked me to be his girlfriend. The day after we started going out he told me that he could only see the strongest auras. Today, he said he can’t see them anymore. And i may just be paranoid but i think i’m losing my ability to see ghosts. Is this just coincidence or is because we both have abilities and were going out? I’m so confused.


  1. You… are more gullible… than all of the Christians in the world put together.
    edit: I’m obviously the only straight male who has replied so far, since nobody else seems to realize that pretending to be crazy in order to get into a crazy chick’s pants, then having your “powers” mysteriously fade away is an amazing scheme.

  2. When two people in tune with the spirit world become connected to each other in some way, this connection to each other makes their sensitivities to the occult fade over time. Unfortunately, this sensitivity is completely irreversible. In finding each other, you have doomed yourselves to possibly being “normal”.

  3. i think it’s because — as you said — you both have these and you are going out. that happens a lot. it’s partly because your energies are focused on each other, not your powers


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