My boyfriend is a physic vampire…What do i need to know? ?

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My boyfriend recently told me he is a physic vampire who absorbs the energy forces (aura) of other people. Is he very dangerous to me? What is everything I should know?

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Vampires aren’t real. Stop watching twilight so much.


There is no such thing as a physic vampire. That is all you need to know. Your boyfriend is a little deluded and too involved with fantasy.
Please note that the Twilight series, the Anita Baker series, and the Sookie Stackhouse series are in the fiction section of the library or bookstore.


There is no such thing as a psychic vampire. He’s delusional if he really believes that, and it’s foolish to believe him.

Jeffrey K

….first of all how old are you?
and ur boyfriend is either retarded to even think that, and i read about it int he newspapers of people who can absorb energy. He can absorb energy from you if he acutlaly can..But he would rather go to big mob places, like a rock concert or something, where there is a lot of energy and alot of people.
Still its just BS myth its all fake, fortune telling, magic, all of it fake and its all tricks. Same with religion its pretty much BS too.
The only thing i would actually beleive in is Chi, or that aura thing or the essence of somebody being their, the feeling of someone behind you when u cant see them. Acupuncture is ehh id rather go with real docs, but they use “chi” in that, i would beleive chi a very tiny bit..PSH vampies…u little freshmen make me laugh.


First, you need to know how to spell “psychic”…
…next, a new boyfriend might be a good idea!


I think you need to know that your boyfriend is nuts! I’d stay away from him if I were you. He doesn’t sound like he’s completely mentally stable.


I just did a project on Vampires. Psychic Vampires aren’t harmful to you, the absorb the energy that you produce, so actually you could be harmful to him if your giving off negative energy for any reason. Chances are, that since the two of you are together and you’re happy around him, he will absorb your positive energy, but at no harm to you. 🙂


Everything you should know you ask?
Get in touch with God and cast that lying devil out of him.




That is the dunbest thing I have heard!!!!!


vampires arent real. The people that believe in those things or who think are those things are lunatics.

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From a Wicca point of view, those who claim no such things exist, that is their own beliefs.
As to your boyfriend being a psychic vampire and being dangerous, let us see.
Psychic vampires are defined as being able to absorb the thoughts and memories of those around them. They also can be defined as energy vampires but depending on which category they fall into.
What you are describing is a energy vampire, not a true psychic in that regard. His absorbing energy aura’s has a different effect than giving off positive or negative energy.
He absorbs the aura of the individual, meaning able to drain their physical and mental energies, in his case mental. This effect has the following: Tired, exhausted, or feeling drained to the point that it can be harmful.
There are ways, to block his ability, but that takes too much to explain in any detail.

Jimmy G

dude, what the f.

Rahul G

physic vampire is nothing …. but it’s your freaky mind that think about this, if u want to solve more clearly then u have to see myself with my girlfriend how should i treated her with a big cock & her small butterfly

John Dee

What I find interesting here is the amount of people who are so obsessed with Twilight they think that the mere mention of Vampires is somehow linked to it.
Psychic Vampires are indeed real and feed of the emotions of others.
For each person who thumbs me down will be surely showing their ignorance to such matters.

<3 <3 ME <3 <3

ur bf needs some help

Sahjan 'Ox

Vampire’s aren’t real…
Your boyfriend’s deluded if he believes he’s a ‘psychic vampire’. And so are you if you actually believe it yourself!


My recommendation would be to keep physic vampires away from physicists.

Enrique G

Man I dont know I just got out of a fight with my girl friend THE WICKED WITCH OF THE EAST and it wasnt nice on my part…..LOL you need help


ask him more about it, or do a google search on your own.


I do believe in physic vampires and all that stuff and it is possible for him to be one but itz nothing to be afraid of just make sure he doesn’t feed off u too much cuz you can develop serious health problems

Masika Rose

You can learn to shield yourself. that is really important, because there are a lot of them out there. When you are around him, or talking to him, do you find yourself to feel drained? A lot of effects can occur in this type of situation. Some people even feel a bit excited when energy is taken. Just keep your health in good shape, and make sure that it is not affecting you in a bad way.


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