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My boyfriend dreamed last night that I left him?

He never has dreams, or at least remembers his dreams. Now all of a sudden hes had multiple that are including me.
Last night he said I left him and he was extremely upset about it. He said he would wake up and fall back asleep and go right back into the dream.
What could this dream mean in his subconscious mind?
Please, no BS answers, I wouldn’t ask this question if I felt dreams were insignificant. Thank you


  1. dont take this as gospel but maybe he is jst scared to lose u (not taht he would but ppl are insecure) if u love him and want to be with him reassure him it was a dream and u arent going to leave him

  2. It seems like he is feeling insecure about the relationship. Projecting you left him may serve two meanings.
    1. Lack of confidence – That comes from insecurity. It may also be from low self esteem.
    2. The dream may be about losing you, but in reflection, it is telling you that he wants to own you, possess you in some way. That is like saying he needs more attention from you. Projecting you left him suggests that he wants more attention from you.

  3. my bf has had a few dreams like this also,He has had ones where I cheat on him too…I think this comes from being “jealous” for lack of a better word, in real life he may feel like your pretty and get lots of attention and he may suppress these feelings, but when dream time rolls around, you cant suppress your sub conscious so it all come out ..his fear of you leaving him for “someone better” Just re-assure him that you love him and you are not looking for anyone else! He will have to deal with his emotions, I noticed that my bf had these dreams after we hang out at a party some time during that week he will dream of me leaving or cheating…people get very insecure especially if they feel inferior…hope that explains it!

  4. My boyfriend said to me that he had a dream about me leaving him as well and He keeps on telling me that I’m going to leave him one day when I’m not going to leave my boyfriend never. I do love him from my heart I truly like him from my heart I don’t want anyone else I just want one guy that God brought into my life.

    • Oh god this is exactly what happened to me ytd. But my boyfriend dreamed that I left him for my ex. And he’s also constantly saying that he has a feeling that I’m going to leave him. Idek what to do or say tbh.


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