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My book of shadows?

I have wrote alot of stuff in my b.o.s,
and i dont know what eles to write!
i wrote my belifes,some spells,stone meanings,color meanings,moon phrases,day-by-day entry,some postions,and herb meanings.
i want to write more,but idk what to write!
help please?


  1. Sounds like you have a good start, just let it grow naturally. Put things in it that are meaningful to you– information you need, spiritual questions & revelations & experiences, inspiring poetry or artwork, etc.

  2. If you’re fairly new to Wicca, then perhaps your energies would better be spent reading than writing about it.
    Essential writers would include Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente, who were the father and the mother of the Wiccan religion. Also Stewart and Janet Farrar, Vivianne Crowley, and Raymond Buckland. If you do a search here, there have been questions recently about compiling an essential Wiccan reading list. Please steer clear of the witchcrap books written by authors who know next to nothing about our religion, and act as if magic is all that matters. Wicca is based, above all, on the worship of the Great Horned God of the earth and underworld and the Great Goddess of the Moon and stars.
    When you find things in books that are essential or useful for you, then you can copy them into your Book of Shadows.
    The main essentials should include: Invocations to the Horned God and to the Goddess; the Charge of the Goddess and the Charge of the Horned God; the Witches’ Rune, The Witches’ Creed, the Wiccan Rede; and the basic ritual outline including circle casting, calling the quarters, etc.; and sabbat rituals around the Wheel of the Year, for all eight sabbats.
    You should be able to find most of that in the books by Valiente and the Farrars. Some of it you can probably even find online, by doing a Google search or whatever.
    But the main thing, if you are fairly new to this religion, is:
    Read some good books! Also, spend time in Nature, and start practicing a good basic meditation technique daily.


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