My Beliefs On Life after Death not that theres such thing?

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There are 3 basic bodies Flesh body thats rubbish just a shell,etheric body is made up by each of us by our lusts greeds and strong passions of various kinds and spirit body its the immortal soul!.Person dying has to go through 3 stages physical body disposed off his ethoric has to be dissolved and spirit has to be guided to the world of the spirt(you will be helped and guided).Death is birth,dying is merely the act of being born in another plain of existence.Man or the spirit of man, is eternal.The body is but the temporarily garment that clothes the spirit,to be chosen according to the task in hand upon earth outward apperence doesnt matter soul within at the end of the day never fear death cos this life is an illusion and is hell.God? there is no such thing they are bascially brain washed in to believe in something and if they dont then they will go to hell thats just so they can keep dominance and power some priest are nasty people any questions please dont hesitate thanks.
good open ideas guys.I read books from T Lobsang Rampa and its nothing like you ever read it truly makes sense and i can say to you guys now theres no such thing as hell it just doesnt exist think about it why would it? your punishment is to serve time on earth your on the right track with how you go on this life we have had many before its called reincarnation as you would know but as for god well there are certain gods superier beings out there but no certain one we are all on our own people its as individual as it appears we just get guidance also i cant wait to live this life to the fullist of course then pass on why?because this Rampa can Astral travel if you know what that means but heavenly fields is in deed what life is like after Death on Earth.You may think just by me reading these few books by some guy but i reccomend you find one and read it cave of the ancients is a good one of his.The way the world has evolutinzed isn’t good all technology and no inner spiritual developme

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man from utopia

My belief is you should have a life before death and make a few people smile on the way.



kelly j

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I kind of believe that too: Life consists of three stages, pre-birth, life (where god puts you to the test and puts temptation in your way, tests your faith and sees what person you become), and the after life where depending on how you acted in yout life, you go to either Heaven or Hell.
I think it’s good to be a little scared of what’s potnetially going to happen because it makes you contemplate your actions and try and do good where possible….everyone screws up though every once in a while and god understands that, especially when you realise you’ve done something wrong and try and make it better.


You certainly have some beliefs, but what are they based on? I see no history behind your belief. The bible is the only truth. I am not brain washed, but I have seen enough and been around long enough to see it come to pass over and over. God is real. He is awsome and he is eternal. And when you die you will have to answer to him. I saw a man that was dying and he was sort of caught between heaven and earth. He could hear angles singing and he would see heavenly visions. He died of cancer of the body. But the soul was intact. You see I am a person who has been through hell and back and I know that there is peace that comes from God alone. Ask him and he will prove himself to you that is how much he loves you. Some people only pretend to serve God and look religious. But there are people who know him and have his peace. No one brain washed them either. You just need to see some truth.


dont you realy hate it,when you ask a question and they just bible this,bible that,without bringing a verse which relates to your topic,not even knowing that you should master euphemisim language before you can realy undrestand bible,my beliefs pretty much is like yours,with a little bit of detail of otherside,through personal experience i call the other side home,and i truly beleive hell is creation of religions
peace brother


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