Sunday, September 26, 2021

my baby girl was not properly monitored & examined after her birth…died a month later.should i sue!!?

I am a first time mother to an angel. my baby girl full term was born on jan 12th 2010 POS GENERAL…she was kept in neonatal unit for 6 days…given a full clean bill of health & sent home. we had a perfect week. 1 week later she takes in a feed & turns blue.. taken to a hospital in icu..diagnosed with heart failure..SAN FERNANDO never sent home from icu she fully recovered n was again normal baby just sent from icu to pediatric ward in an incubator.. the next following weeks i observed everything done to her and it was unjustified…i started living in the hospital to be her 24-7 monitor & be with my angel. it was seen that interns were sent to practise on her…crirtical case & they put interns to work on her! sometimes the ‘doctor’might i add in practise of 6 months!!! didnt even know where to give her antibotics ..n through what till i pointed out a tube was there for that purpose ( from nose to stomache) nothing to be given by mouth. the ‘doctor’didnt even know how to open the incubator. others lost patience with finding her veins and shaved part of her hair n stuck her in the head cause it was easier.. some wasted her blood taking blood samples filling tubes n then leaving it there to be smashed on the floor. they starved her for 4 days …my poor baby!! i was not allowed to feedher …:”( they gave her nothing. by the time we had gotten her to her first flight in effort of surgery ..whilst the doctor said she was ok for travel…boarding the plane ..she started loosing breath, vitals started failing my god!!!!..the other two attempts to fly failed wen we got her private planes. she had to be taken right back into that horrid hospital. umm..the morning of the 12th of febuary..i noticed her looking a bit blue..a nurse came saw her n told me i was being histerical- baby is fine.. in the next half an hour to an hour i noticed her breathing slowing n she was gasping for air … i held her upright n with the oxygen closer to her so she didnt have to struggle to breathe n pull air. she started relaxing …a nurse saw me told me to put her flat she needs to relax..hesitant n after verbal abuse i put her down …flat…:( i should have not have listened because instead of little girl went into worse breathing than before….. so i held her upright again both hands in the incubator she seemed to relax the higher i held her like a car seat ….i called , i yelled , i screamed one came to my aid..finally i said if my baby dies all of the medic in here will too n then doctors came..stood n watched for an hour …finally her cardiologist comes in n says why are u all looking there n standing there…why is this baby not taking to icu n stablized she’s going into cardic failure?? he himself told me to put her down to examine her like he wasnt sure what was going on…then i said she breathes better wen i hold her almost sitting up…he said ok do that.i walked to the icu unit holding her up trying my best to hold my own…as i saw her breathing dropping n wavering… 3/4 of the way to icu ..he told me to put her flat as it was faster n speedingly pushed the incubator into icu floor..but she once started again gasping..i walked to the icu trying my best to hold my own…as i saw her breathing dropping… by the time they reached icu….she had to be put on a ventilator having exhausted her lungs:(…. in critical condition. for the 13th feb we organised a private air ambulance n took her to columbia to cardio infantil …where it was the worst i had ever seen her …i saw what sanfernando had done n it was horibble. we had a spiritual awakening on valentines ..cause she went from critical to stable n ready for surgery…then in the evening when i saw her …she loooked so torchured that i prayed …told her i loved her forever & said a prayer of perfect healing n the holy spirit to fill her after which she opened her eyes n reached her arms up to the ceiling & left. the doctors worked on her but it was in vain angel went back to heaven. told if it was detected earlier… we had been here earlier she could have gotten surgery n been alive!! now im here stuck without a life …..bills are pilled up..lives are shattered…..her dad & i have grown apart n distant as he doesnt know how to deal with this..hes gone back to holland after 3 yrs together n me im not able to hold my head up n smile…no sleep since january ..i dont know where my life is anymore… had the hospital who delivered her done their job…they would have detected the heart & we wouldv n couldv done something ..kels would be alive n in my arms. Someone needs to pay for this..its not should i sue but how??!!!!! broken mom kd


  1. Well, its hard to say from what you have here, one would really have to look at the hospital records and get more detailed accounts of what happened from several people involved. The best thing to do is to write a COMPLETE statement of what happened and then take it PLUS any medical records you have to a lawyer that specializes in medical mistakes or accidental deaths. Always ask if they do a free consult. You could very well have a case to sue for negligence, but just offhand it sounds like it was negligence after the fact (at san fernando), rather than at her birth. It depends on what kind of heart defect she had and how detectable it normally is after birth, sometimes they just arent easy to identify at first. Many kids/people go for years with heart conditions that havent been found.
    Sorry for your loss and good luck.

  2. I am sooooo entirely sorry . Just remember that your little angel is looking upon you and smiling at how courageous you have been.

  3. It’s really sick you prey on the emotions of those whom are pregnant and just given birth.
    Take your sick trolling else where, you’re disgusting.
    Quit posting this fake story, it’s all over the internet in other forums for trolling. You’re disgusting and I hope God never gives you a child.

  4. You go get you a good lawyer and you’ll be rich. I hope you do too. Im so sorry about youre precious angel , they definately need to pay for all that you’re going through. I really hope things will start to get better for you, although I know how difficult it must be to even find the strength to wake up in the mornings. Just stay strong and you will get through this. You’re daughter is in a better place watching over you.


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