My aura is crimson what does that mean?

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Uhhhh, it’s red.


get out the marshmellows, you are on fire


Check out the site listed below. It will help you better understand your own aura and those you come into contact with.

Cate Rice

CRIMSON: is the manifestation of love with a range of shades. Opaque, oppressive and mixed with the brown of egoism when love considers how much affection it receives from others. If the love is genuine and gives itself without claiming recognition, in a rush of willing self-giving to the beloved, then it expresses itself with a stupendous and pleasing pink color; if, then, this pink is very brilliant, with shades of lilac, then the aura expresses the most spiritual love towards humanity.

gypsy_cat 345

I believe you to be a passionate and dedicated individual.
You may well be Scorpio, Aries, or Sagittarius as well.

wize woman

According to
CRIMSON auras denote natural creative skills”
for more details please meditate or day dream on the subject of your gifts and on the colour crimson.

*~Ariel Brigalow Moondust~*
~*Beautiful informative website!~*


CRIMSON : natural creative skills
Love & Blessings


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