Home Discussion Forum my aura colour who is cleo ? ? ?

my aura colour who is cleo ? ? ?

i want to know my aura colour, i looked at another question and the best answer was “ask cleo” , who is Cleo , i want to know and would like to be able to read auras.
haha well that helps


  1. she was a friend of patra she lived in egypt 2009 bc . and wore a blue veil.# thankyou.#

  2. Aura Reading for Beginners by Richard Webster is a good book to start with. Practise by placing your hand against a black or all white background. Focus on the back of your hand and allow your gaze to soften (as if going into daydream). With practise you should start to see the first layer to your aura. Do not move your focus from the back of your hand at all when the aura first starts to show as you will lose it immediately. Good luck and have fun.


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