Home Discussion Forum My Answer on Chakram-what was the Violation? why it was deleted?

My Answer on Chakram-what was the Violation? why it was deleted?

3 days ago a question:-“Which Chakra do you find to be most active?”
I answered, quoting a verse of sri.Sankaracharya:-“Kscitau Sat Panchasadvi–“and asked the questioner “Why do you people waste your time,misunderstanding the subject by reading ‘CheapTanslations’ and talking -root,heart,eye chakras etc?” Translating Moolaadharam as root,Vishukthi( heart) Aagjnaa( eye) are totally wrong and irresposible- a Mockery of the concepts of Hindu Religion,bruising the sentiments of Hindus.I received an e-mail- ” my answer has been DELETED because of “Violation!!”- what was “Violation”, in defending my religious concepts? The Chakrams enumerated above are Abstract Religious concepts.The question looks just as asking “what ice cream you ate today ?” It is an insult to Hindus.October,11,2007 (Thursday) Navarathri starts-Thousands of Hhindu Ladies will perform Sri.CHAKRAM, MERU,Navaavaranam,Lalitha Sahasranamam pooja–who will be very upset that their belief on CHAKRAMS is being mocked at.
When the word itself is wrong ,what is there to inform?-There is no word Chakra–it is CHAKRAM.It is NOT MY personal opinion.There is a Gloss for each word by such eminent scholars like sri.Madhu Sudhana Saraswathy.


  1. Because you did not answer the question, you insulted the asker. Your stance that your personal beliefs are the only correct interpretation led you to attack rather tan inform. Got it?

  2. The whole violation system is ridiculous. Don’t try to understand the idiots, who run it, because they are just that and nothing more.

  3. I’ve no idea.
    I had a question that I got a violation for the other day and haven’t got a clue.
    It was taking the mickey out of these stupid people that can’t spell, but I mentioned that it could be translated into (Then I mentioned languages).
    I guess they are too politically correct.
    When in Rome, do as the Romans do, goes the phrase.


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