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music from Confessions of a Go-Go Girl??

What’s the song that Angela dances to. It goes something like “take a ride on the wild side..going through the back door”.
Also, what are the songs that Jane dances to? I forgot the lyrics to them, but there’s the two songs when she’s at the first place and then the song at Tantra.
There isn’t a soundtrack listing anywhere which sucks.
If you know, thanks 🙂


  1. I have been looking for that song too. The one with the words “wild side”. Isn’t that song in the scene where she is a teacher or when Jane goes to a party?

  2. omg i’ve been looking for that song too! i really want to know where i can find it…if you find it (i’m gonna keep looking) before me, plz let me know! i really like that song a lot it’s so kool! glad to know so many other ppl like it so much. =D

  3. the one where at the party is “back seat taxi” by silver money
    the song that plays when Jane dances in her cowgirl costume is VICTIM by Fully Loaded.
    the song that plays when Jane dances as the librarian is SOMETHING by Psideralic.

  4. Could some1 help me?! I’ve been looking already for 3 days for the song when Donna Mercer dances at Shakers Go Go Bar, it’s just at the beginning of this movie. The words of this song are: “… if you like what I’ve got and I’ve got what you like…”. Pls, HELP me to find it!:)))

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