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“The stories in the bible are written from a perspective known as Gnosticism, they didn’t worship the “god” dude. They thought all men and women were their own Gods, spiritual beings trapped in a material world of illusions created by this Yaweh character who is merely a dictator/tyrant. To realize this they ate the forbidden fruit to directly experience the spiritual world (heaven) through shamanism, and became their own Gods/authorities.
This is the whole idea of religious freedom that USA was founded upon.
The bible is much more like Buddhism, The Egyptian and Greek myths, and the Mayan Indian belief system when interpreted correctly rather than the fantasy that Churchianity has turned it into. It’s a metaphysical collection of tales about becoming your own God, basically an enlightened atheist.”
I like how you think, I would like to see more responses/questions from you.
My bad. That should have been a private message.
The above quote is from mushroom Jesus, not me. I can’t take credit for it by the way.


  1. Yes?
    I think for people at the end of their rope(such as convicts and drug addicts), religion is a very good way to turn your life around, almost like a placebo medicine for the mind, doesnt mean its true though, just means that some people need it.

  2. It is … really ? !!! I don’t know what you have been reading there, pal, but obviously, you are getting your exercise by jumping to conclusions ! Preconceived ideas blended with a biased approach to God and the Bible DO have the tendency to cause one to arrive at a similar conclusion like the one you have stated.

  3. Drug users usually think alike.
    Actually the Old Testament is very different from other religions. It’s the only one that doesn’t have gods acting like humans nor political leaders becoming gods. But for some reason so many fools don’t see this, but theologians (many being Atheist mind you) agree that the Bible stands out because of this.

  4. You are wrong. I believe you have never read the bible and if you have and came by this belief then you were using some “mushrooms”.


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