Home Discussion Forum Mudvayne listeners, do you know where this comes from?

Mudvayne listeners, do you know where this comes from?

In a few of the tracks on LD50, there is someone talking about hallucinogens being part of the evolution to humans, the gaining of consciousness and whatnot, and the theory that manipulating brain chemistry could ‘open untapped areas of human potential’. Does anyone know where these clips came from? I’ve researched some kind of ‘neo-shamanism’ thing (may or may not be a real term) and I’d like to check this out for further study.
You two aren’t being very helpful at all…
thank you gogo, that should be enough to track it down


  1. only a moron would find that interesting. where is your brain? have you smoked it away? poison goes into the body, enlightenment does not come out.

  2. Its refering to Terrance McKenna’s stoned ape theory
    the idea that hallucinogenic drugs like psilocybin mushrooms and dimethyltryptamine influenced human evolution


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