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***MTG question*** When you take control of a target permanent until end of turn do you get the auras..?

…and/or any counters it may have attached to it along with the creature when you take control of it?
Another question: If you attack someone and do damage to them as well as kill a creature of theirs that says “gain 5 life when this creature goes to graveyard” does the creature go to the graveyard before or after the damage is applied to the player?
Thanks all!


  1. When you gain control of a permanent, you get everything that is attached to it as well, although you will not control those specific things. For example, if you take a creature with an equipment on it, it stays on, but since you do not control the equipment, you cannot move it around, but your opponent can.
    Another example, if a creature you took had an aura on it that read “U: return shimmering wings to its owner’s hand”, since your opponent still controls that aura, only he may play it.
    I am trying to envision what cards were played in your second scenario, and Mycoid shepard comes to mind, but I am not positive. Anyway, all damage is dealt simultaneously, then, if any creature has enough damage on it to be destroyed, state-based actions put that creature into the graveyard. This is when the lifegain triggers. So, to sum it up, damage is before the lifegain ability even triggers.

  2. 1) Yes, all counters, auras, and even equipment go with it. I’m not sure what happens to equipment if the creature leaves the battlefield, though.
    2) If their creature had LifeLink, it would be gained at the same time the damage is dealt (with the rules changed introduced in Magic 2010). But such an effect as that would go on the stack after the damage is resolved, so aside form situations like the creature getting killed by First Strike damage or something like that, the life would be gained after the daamge is dealt to the player.

  3. what if you take control of a creature and it gets destroyed whos graveyard dose it go in and lets say it had an ability like protein hulk dose that abilities work for u instead?


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