Moving shadows in the corner of the eye ?

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right well, anyone wanna answer that for me ?
because … Ive been seeing that lately and mostly in my room or in the house, when I go to like a shopping centre or a mates house I see nothing.
theres been nights where I sleep on the side of my bed and I see shadows moving on my pillow!
I cant be bothered sleeping on my back because I dont like experiencing sleep paralysis, I have 2 times this year and seen purple orbs moving and shit, anyways anyone wanna answer the main question for me πŸ™‚
cheers ~
i swear, fck off with ur demons :L
dont scare me with that =.=
im a rebel alright, leave me alone πŸ™‚
im getting use to it, but more answer would be better πŸ˜€
im curious .

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honestly i heard of your experiences before and they are alien invasion experiences


OMG that happens to me too. i’m serious ok.
but idk wat it is. I got used to seeing them.

Satchel J

I saw something like this on a tv show. It is possible that your house has a gas leak somewhere that is causing you to have hallucinations of shadows like that. It’s a long-shot, but I am saying it as a possibility.

Blue B

Thats been happening to me for so long now i ignore it when it happens…unfortunetly idk what the shadows are


You and others above this post contact me. Those are demons.
1. Demons come from others sin, abuse or witchcraft.
2. They are weaker than us and we outrank them.
3. Tell them to get out in each room in followed by – in Jesus name.
4. Mediums and such can make it worse with the way they do it.
5. Dont dabble in witchcraft.
I have helped others with this and they will leave if you command them too in Jesus name. We care about you on here and many of us have messenger. Click on my name.


Hi Johnny,
Firstly, let me assure you that the are NOT demons. Let me also assure you that I believe you are seeing something, what it is is anybodies guess, but definitely something.
Your eyes can play tricks with you, sometimes chinks of light in the dark or even the darkness itself can create all manner of things which you see from the corner of your eye. Other times there could be a medical reason for these things happening. For either of these explanations, I would expect that you would still see them at your friends home or when just out and about. You could be experiencing spiritual energy that is just moving around your home. How do you feel when you notice the shadows? Do you experience any further sensations, scents etc? Do you dream more when you have seen them? Or are your dreams more intense/positive/negative? Perhaps you dream about one person, place or situation more?
Whatever is causing these experiences is unlikely to do you any harm, but if you get worried, you can always get your eyes checked out or pay a visit to the doctor for a checkout.
As for the chappie that feels they are demons, not all spirit believed in Jesus – many had their own religions when they were mortal, how would you feel if some one started spouting off to you with regards to their own beliefs, would that make you feel better? Also most unexplained stuff is not down to demons, but a general explainable event if you care to look into it deeply enough.


Sounds like eye floaters. They happen to everyone. Look them up on Wikipedia. Just because you don’t know what is going on, doesn’t mean that anything supernatural is happening.
Also, hold off on all the Jesus stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Christian and everything. But when people start praying for the church projector to get fixed, then it’s time to stop and think. There are some things that you can do and figure out for yourself. In fact, there are many things that people can do and figure out for themselves.
I have NEVER experienced anything paranormal. No one in my family has experienced anything paranormal. None of my friends have experienced anything paranormal. I have lived in several states from the West Coast to the Midwest, in houses that ranged from over one hundred years to brand spanking new. Never anything. Anything weird that I have seen was explained by using my brain and reasoning about things. If you don’t understand something, then try to figure it out. Don’t just pin it on ghosts and demons and fear sleeping in your own room.


That used to happen to me. And it won’t be from the corner of my eye, I’ll be looking right at it move. To where it’s lingering over me. But then I’ll do what the D posted and use logic to find the reason, but to no avail. I even felt something on me . Not to where it’s pinning me down but lightly resting on me. I use to also get sleep paralysis usually when the corner shadows are present. I have no fear of anything and also never believed in any mumble jumble religious views. But to keep it short , through personal experience I have found that whatever that if, it’s not good. If the person never experience then they can’t help you. since they don’t know how it is. Look into the history of that house and you might find what you’re looking for.


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