most powerfull way to cast a circle ?






can sumone plz tell me what is the most powerfull way to cast a circle when begining a ritual of any sort?
i know basic casting but i would love a deeper method to add to my book of shadows.


  1. Visualization. I usually walk mine out, if I’m outside I’ll draw it. I like to visualize that as I’m walking the circle, white light (or whatever color light you wish to visualize) shines up and surrounds my circle.

  2. first you need to know why you are casting the circle or sphere, and how many parts it will contain, usually four you start walking slowly in the east and is cast clockwise and end up in the north, but with visualization, you do not need to mark it with anything material as it is cast using visualization, you can either do this once to three times that is up to you, and make sure the energy you use is focused, if you speak, choose your words carefully and for your circle (sphere) to work please keep your mind and spirit on the task and the energy you are using. blessings

  3. Excellent question!!!
    First of all, let me say that when I was beginning ritual work, I went thru all the steps of laying out candles, burning incense, calling the watchtowers and guardians, walking 3 times in a clockwise direction, etc., etc., etc.
    However, what I have discovered is that most of that is really not necessary to cast a good circle.
    First, recognize that you are NOT creating sacred space. All space is sacred anyway. What you ARE doing, is cleaning an area of any negativity for a specific purpose.
    Second, realize that when you “cast a circle”, it is with your personal energy, combined with the energy of nature and the universe.
    With this in mind, I may use sage (smudge stick) to cleanse the area of negativity. Then, I sit or stand in the area and ground and center myself. Finally, I envision the energy which is flowing from nature and mixing with my energy in my body, as a small Bright light in the center of my chest. From there I expand it in all directions outwardly all around me until it is the size I desire.
    It is the same as shielding. I work my ritual inside a giant shield.
    I hope this helped.

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