• No i’m a scorpio and when i was like a baby i was psychic. I’m 13 now but i have to ability to sense pressure when someone (or something) is walking to me. I think its called like clairaudience or something.

  • No, I would not agree. I know several psychics, but none are Cancer, including myself (Triple Leo). If you are thinking of the warm and fuzzy, emotional, nurturing quality that Cancers are supposed to have, that’s a broad stereotype. Everyone has the capability of developing their psychic sense. It’s a mistake to take the generalized attributes of a Sun sign to make that determination. Any one of us is FAR more than just Sun sign.

  • Crystal here – not necessarily. I know one who is Scorpio (like myself), another who is Libra and another who is a Virgo. . .so I wouldn’t say Cancers dominate the field.

  • I am born on the last day of Aries (Day before Taurus)

    But I can see why you would say that since Cancers are very sensitive and (sometimes overly)emotional.

  • well, im a cancer (july 6) and very in tune with the vibes around me. i think cancers, whose main aura centers around the home and the self, are more apt to notice their abilities rather than a headstrong leo or scorpio whose main focus is their physical attributes rather than mental

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