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The Song of the Morning : Osho International Pune

The morning, the start of the day at the OSHO International Meditation Resort is a very special and beautiful time. The morning is a song.

“A man is asleep. The sun rises, and the man is awakened. Is he the same man who was asleep? Are sleep and awakening the same? There was a bud, closed, dead, and the sun has risen, and the bud opens and becomes a flower. Is this flower the same? Something new has penetrated. The aliveness, the capacity to grow and blossom, has appeared. The bird was just asleep, as if dead, as if just dead matter. Now the sun has come up and the bird is on the wing. Is it the same bird? It is a different phenomenon. Something has touched…and the bird has become alive. Everything was silent, and now everything is singing. The morning is a song.” – Osho

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