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Mormons: How is getting an endowment different than reading a crystal ball or a horoscope?


  1. As in most religious practice, your faith in the subject is what separates belief from superstition.
    Most LDS members also engage in a patriarchal blessing which is along the same lines.
    For those that believe in the astrological power of horoscopes and other related items, it is a deep rooted belief they have about the practice, which is why they practice it.
    Religion is always a sensitive topic, and if something is foreign or “different” than what we know, or what we’ve been raised to believe, it’s often seen as wrong, bizarre, and otherwise frowned upon. This doesn’t make one better or worse than another; it just shows that our country was founded on the amazing ability to believe, follow, and practice what WE feel is right, and we’re lucky to have those rights.

  2. Receiving your endowment has nothing in common with reading a crystal ball or reading your horoscope.
    The endowment is an ordinance like baptism, communion, etc are ordinances.

  3. As a former Mormon, I can say that endowments and patriarchal blessings are nothing like a horoscope or crystal ball.
    Endowments are no different than a catholic priest wearing special clothing and performing the rituals of a mass… it’s the best parallel I can think of.

  4. $$$$$$$££££££££$$$$$$$$££££££££
    Is the simple answer
    An endowment is at least 10% of the earnings and only lasts two years
    Crystal Ball $10 ?
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