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More of this for all: Full awarenesss in consciousness?

Full power and full strength in all aspects, in self-protection, in healing for others and in activating them fully, and so shall you be working in and of the light. Know you are this, and that you can see it in view now: the vision is real unto you. Piercing the great shield are you now. Integrating both worlds is your current process.


  1. Very beautiful. I hope people’s awareness of self, others, the world and the creativity which is their own and affects all will help them see through the hypocrisies.

  2. We are the veil walkers. Time is gone. There is only NOW as we ascend. The dimensions overlap. Within is all knowledge. We are the veil walkers.

  3. i agree with Brilliant…and we are coming into our full power and strength most decidedly as we open to what we already are. There might be discomfort, but there need be no struggle. The discomfort lies in letting go of the familiar (dream) and shifting into the unfamiliar (being the light that we are). As the energy/vibration of Light and Love intensifies some will recognize who and what they are and step out of the dreamsleep. Others will resist with all their might, preferring the familiar yet unhappy roller coaster ride of egoic self-interest. Resistance will only create further chaos, while opening to/accepting the inevitable brings balance, congruency, and increasingly joyful possibilities.
    i am Sirius


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