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More interesting to learn about: Islam, Taoism or Buddhism?

I’m going to take a class on one of these subjects. However, I do not know which class I should take. I wanted some opinions as to which one is the more important in learning of and which one is the most interesting.
So, out of these three religions, which one should I take a class on? (Islam, Buddhism or Taoism)


  1. I think Buddhism would be more helpful, meaning that maybe you could pick up some Buddhist philosophy but i would study Islam as it is the fastest growing religion, and has become more importat since 9/11. Not saying that Islam had anything to do with it, just that it had been bought into the limelight.

  2. As an Ahmadi Muslim, I’d encourage you to study not just Islam, but all three of those religions. The more you learn, the better person you’ll be 🙂
    love for all, hatred for none

  3. If you learn about Islam, properly, then all other religions would seem ridiculous, trust me!
    Because Islam is the true religion of God.

  4. You should take a class on Islam, because with so many Muslims in America is it vital to know a lot about it for cultural understanding.

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