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Monkey – folk novel of china — Explain how Monkey best exemplifies Buddhism, Taoism, or Confucianism?

Explain how Monkey best exemplifies Buddhism, Taoism, or Confucianism.?
can you give me how these three religions are diff. and which is more exemplifies monkey….thanks alot…


  1. No, I can’t, certainly not in this forum. You need the read the story (or at very least rent one of the many animated cartoon versions made from the book.) As a hint, look to his companions. Pig, for instance, is very dogmatically legalistic, and can be seen as a critique of confucianism. It is monkey’s adventures, his experiences, that come to exemplify, not any one of the specific religions, but the fact that they incorporate the notion of “path” or “journey” as intrinsic to individual realization.

  2. The Folk Novel you talk about is the “Journal of Travel to the West” the literal Chinese translation, also Know as “Money King” is some English translation.
    A story of a Chinese Monk travel with three students With miraculous powers, events and side stories as they travel west toward India to get the Buddhist Texts and Sutras, along the ways, many demons and spirits try to prevent the Monk from getting to the India; and not allowing him to bring back the Buddhism teachings from India to China.
    In the story, Monkey signifies the “Monkey mind”, because our minds are constantly in need of do things, so it is hard for the mind to settle down.
    In the story, the Money King- the first student represents the Angriness, I know it may not sound correct, but due to the other characters to whom in some way representing the three poisons of Human primordial ignorance, The second student- the Piggy represents Greed, and the third student- the training Monk represents stupidity.
    This story is using a lot of Buddhism concepts and terminologies to expand the story, also somewhere bring in the Taoist Deities and concepts, but mainly Buddhism.
    Buddhism explains all things in the Universe as the truth as Buddha experienced through his meditation; and the teaching of how he reach enlightenment and how we can duplicate his experience and achieve enlightenment ourselves.
    Taoism is freeing your mind and flow with the force of the Universe and achieves union with the Universe or Universal force, which is the primordial energy.
    Confucianism is merely teachings on how to be the best of citizens of a country and of the world. The following can sum up the total teachings of Confucius: “Respect Heaven, Honor your Emperor/ Government, Honor your Parents, respect your teachers and at peace with the Earth.


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