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Mobile phone Telekinesis?

This may sound slightly odd to a lot of people out there but for me it is becoming less and less like a coincidence. Whenever I am about to recieve texts I tend to pick up my mobile phone a few minutes before i recieve it. Also, if my boyfriend calls me in the morning, about two minutes prior to this I will wake up (this has happened to me every time he’s called since we’ve gotten together). He claims the same thing happens to him.
Am I the only person who gets this? I couldn’t find any information about it when I looked it up but if anyone has anything about it… It’s just a little thing I’m curious about.
+ I do not text very often. And I do not have an alarm at the moment… thanks anyway T R

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  1. I have a hunch that you text a LOT, thus it wouldn’t be much of a coincidence, and that you and your boyfriend set your alarms for about the same time in the morning.

  2. Please do a little experiment.
    Record the occasions on which you pick up your moby.
    Then record the number of times that it rings after so doing.
    Regarding the wake ups. What time do you normally wake up.
    What time does your BF wake up. How soon after wake up does he choose to call you.
    What are you trying to claim with this question? Do you really believe that you don’t need your mobiles in order to communicate? There are many phone companoes that would be very keen to suppress this if what you are suggesting has any truth in it!

  3. Happens to me & my boyfriend as well all the time, I think it is kinda like being on the same wave length, you can sense things just before they happen subconsciously with one or more people. AKA a Kindred Spirit.

  4. well….i believe you. there have been times when i thought the phone was ringing and so i went to check and it wasnt and then all the sudden it started ringing. also this one time i was singing a song “hangin by the moment” in my head, which doesnt play that often on the radio anymore, and it came on the radio. so yes ur probably right. the mind is a powerful thing.

  5. Chance favors the prepared mind. We are creatures of
    habit. We get up at roughly the same times, we go to
    bed at relatively the same times, and we talk to our
    significant others and our pals at roughly the same times.
    Truth is found by counting failures, not successes. You
    don’t keep track of the times when the phenomenon doesn’t
    work, like when you wake up and the phone doesn’t ring,
    or when you think you are going to get a message, and
    it doesn’t happen.

  6. There is scientific research on this phenomena.
    The link below will take you to a web page where you can download a pdf file of a paper that studied this phenomena.
    Also, what you are describing is a form of ESP called telepathy not telekinesis (which is moving things with your mind).

  7. First, we’re all a little psychic 😉
    This happens to me wayy too often to be coincidence. If you figure, the way text messages are sent has a lot to do with this. When someone sends a text message, it does not go directly to the phone, but rather to a database then to the receiver’s number.
    Basically, your instinct/intuition is picking up on what has already happened; a text that was sent.
    This might describe why it happens more often than with phone calls.

  8. Hi there,
    I agree with previous comments regarding us all being a little psychic. What you are experiencing is what is known as Clairsentiance. It is as described an intuition or instinct towards or from others. Not too unlike empathy where we relate with other as we “feel” their emotions, clairsentiance is basically a sixth sense of direction, the best examples of which are hearing the phone ring and knowing who is on the other end (without caller Id of course) or taking out you mobile a few seconds before receiving a call or text. Its all very natural and is a psychic ability used by everybody every day of the week 🙂
    Hope this helps

  9. That is very similar to what can happen with phones to a gifted person. I would say you may have the possibility to know just before if someone is going to contact you. There is a lot we do not know about electronics and things in general, so in the future people may discover that there is a signal that we or at least some people can pick up.
    All the best.

  10. I believe its a form of ESP. I have had many similar instances. Sometimes I will be calling someone the same exact time they are calling me or think about calling someone and then they call. Also, sometimes I think of someone I haven’t seen in a long time and then I run into them. I think everyone has this to a certain degree, its like a form of intuition. If you worked with it you could probably deveop it more.

  11. Well, if you’re like many young people, you receive a lot of text messages. As such, if you pick up your phone you will probably receive a text message shortly thereafter.
    You and your b/f get up around the same time. That’s why you and he call each other around the same time.

  12. hmmm…. this happens to me a lot where i will pick up the phone just before someone texts or calls. I think it is to do with telepathy.
    For telepathy to work properly, it needs one sender and one receiver. one of these people, generally the sender, has to be in quite an active mood, and the other generally the receiver, in a relaxed state.
    This would therefore make sense, as when your boyfriend wakes up he will be quite active or busy when he decides to text you, getting ready for work etc.
    Also, when he texts you, you will still be asleep so will be relaxed. So there we have our active sender and our relaxed receiver. He thinks about texting you, and your brain telepathically picks up on this, causing you to wake up, moments before the text is received.
    Problem solved, for all those out there who dont believe it i pity you it does happen to a lot of people, most people just are too afraid to admit it.:)
    Well i hope i helped you!


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