Mindfulness doesn't have to necessarily practiced through only meditation but also thought daily work?

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like reading, washing cups, jogging or even chatting….all these activities can actually be use to practice Right Mindfulness, is this true?

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SilentWitch. [JPA]

Yes, if you’re calm and you enjoy doing them.


As long as you’re with your task and not letting your mind wander (worrying, thinking about tomorrow..etc) then yes you are practicing mindfulness.

mo in the middle

Absolutely! That’s the entire point of mindfulness.
Namaste. 🙂


Yes, it’s true. No matter what you are doing you can be practicing mindfulness. Even when things aren’t good, there is practice on ‘what is, is’.

Pangel - TIRH

absolutely yes
I believe this is the basis of Bhakti Yoga

Breath on the wind

Does meditation have to be limited to a silent time of inner focus? Is the color blue still blue when it is somewhere other than the sky? Is the sky still blue when we see blue elsewhere?
Washing cups or jogging you need not engage the mind in the same way. Reading gives some mental processes superiority so it depends upon the nature of the reading. Some have said that chatting can be mindless but neither is it necessarily contemplative and it permits a dance of ego. You can learn to recognize the meditation within in many things you do and begin to see how the same activity disturb your poise or secure it depending upon an inner attitude.

Dr pushpinder k

You are right,
but this happens through meditation when it becomes effortless.


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