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mind power/subconscious?

can you guys suggest a good website or good books that will help me become spiritually aware and awake and stuff that will help unlock my powers if you know what I mean. I want to master myself
plz no religion or god matters


  1. Try reading some John Edwards, the guy that does the Crossing Over show. Sylvia Brown is also good. I have used some of the suggestions in these and found that they work if your are patient and practice. Good luck.

  2. sylvia browne – she has like 10 spiritual power books and a website…but i have no idea what the website is…
    just google her name.
    i don’t know if this will help or not, cause i have no idea what you mean by “unlocking powers and mastering yourself”…unless you think you’re some kinda jedi knight or something…
    well hopefully you’ll find sylvia browne helpful


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