Mind awake body asleep? What happened?

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I have been trying to do mind awake and body asleep lately and have had no success until last night…
I was lying in my bed on my back. I was trying to stay in the third eye which seemed to be working. I slowly became more and more relaxed. I had my radio on quiely which may have helped my mind stay awake.
Then all of a sudden i started getting these weird feelings…Like i was distorted and i was in a very uncomftorable position like I was scrunched up into a ball or something. My neck felt one way and my legs and body all felt like they were in different positions. Anyway this feeling slowly went away and then i got another strang feeling. Like my bed was on a slant. I felt like i should have been sliding off of the bed but instead i felt so heavy lke i was apart of the bed. It was almost like a ride where i felt strapped into the bed as it tipped to the left side. At that point i wondereed if i was parilyzed yet so i moved my fingers and then slowly this feeling started to go away a bit. Then after that feeling driftedoff i got a rush of something moving through my body! It was like a rush of feel good chemicals or something. At first i felt really dizzy and and lightheaded and kinda scared but then the feeling kept intensifying to the point where i was so scared that i had to get up! The only thing i can compare it to is the feeling when your sick and you want to throw up but only a bit different and more powerful!
If anyone knows what was happening i would greatly appreciate you telling me please

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I think know what you mean because I used to get that when I went to Hypnotherapy sessions but I’m not sure what causes it.


Do you mean you were trying to have an out of body experience? (soul traveling) I think you were almost there. Sounds like you wanted to do it but the fear of the unknown kept you weighed down to your body and kept you disoriented. First you must become totally relaxed. Always say a prayer asking that your body and soul be protected from all evil. Ask God to take away any fear because you have faith he is with you. Then clear your mind and just…….BE!!!……. You will be delighted with the journey God has in store for you.


you managed to have an OBE its amazing isn’t it for months i tried this with no success then i got some Robert Monroe Cd’s hemi-sync believe me they changed my whole life after a short time you will learn how to have OBEs at will but the best thing is it expands your mind in a way that i still find hard to understand but if you like this sort of thing try monroe’s CDs
also try out Dane spotts x-mind CDs they are awesome


It sounds like in your effort to engage in astral projection you fell into a state of Sleep Paralysis. I’ve suffered from involuntary Sleep Paralysis my entire life! It’s also known as “old hag” syndrome. It’s quite fascinating, actually. It can be quite terrifying at times but every so often the terror gives way to a feeling of ecstasy. It happens more often when I’m feeling ill, or particularly stressed. I certainly notice it more often if I’m falling asleep in a weird position. Often times when I’m falling asleep lying on my back I feel as if I’m levitating. I had no idea what it was for years (many doctors insisted I must be dreaming) but I recently began to research the condition and now know that I was, in fact, NOT dreaming.


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