Millions are pursuing astrology, witchcraft and the occult. Are they sowing seeds of doom and destruction?

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Jeff Spicoli

No more so than the same seeds of idiocy and willful ignorance theists have been sowing for millenia.


You can’t sow something that doesn’t exist.


Yes, as a society we are universally bringing destruction upon our selves.
And individually if we mess with it we bring confusion into our own lives and others.
Edit: Church boy lol

Wonder Weirdo

Sounds more like they’re doing their own thing, whoever wrote that article is the kind of person who thinks it’s wrong to be happy and enjoy life.


“THIS ARTICLE GIVES THE ANSWER.”: Then I doubt you’re very interested in other people’s answers, church-boy.

Cheese Fairy - Mummified

Actually it doesn’t give the answer – that article gives the answer of the un and under educated. The Church itself, ever since Constantine made it lgitimate, has also studied those things, in order to better understand the world, science, and humanity.
You don’t even understand that “Occult” has NOTHING to do with magic, demons, etc – the term literally means “Things not commonly known or hidden fromthe public eye. ALL of science falls under this category, until things are made common knowledge.
Astrology is the study of planets and their meanings – a part of CHRISTIAN practices since they started.
This IS common knowledge – anyone who goes to a library can find this info.
Sinc ethese are facts – it seems that according to you, Christians will be the downfall of mankind, since they studied these things and continue to do so.

Reverend AGGYâ„¢ R&srookie

its a bunch of non-sense


UGH, what’s with all the words man, condense that shit. Such topics are already boring enough. ‘Sides, to each his own.


hopefully, after pursuing the ideology, they will find it is not the truth. how much will they lean on that stick? – depends on how much it holds in their eyes.
One thing about the Bible is that it is always consistent – something can always hang your hat on, nobody could show an untruth within the many pages in it.

Nelson dit la vérité

they are found throughout the ancient world, in which someone would ask the gods for favour and they are like a prayer or ritual, it would still be considered magic or witchcraft because it is calling upon the gods for divine intervention, and to get a desired result.
Can you see the difference between them.

Everything Zen

If the article gives the answer, then why did you ask the question here, genius? This is Yahoo! ANSWERS. Not Yahoo! Questions That Already Have Answers. Perhaps you are confused.


Yeah – for themselves.
Those that use spells and such must realize that uttering words into the air has no effect on anything whatsoever. If spells are to work, people who engage in this must realize that these are prayers – prayers to whom? Who answers such prayers? Not God for sure.
This tells you who these people are in bed with, and they and their gods will someday sleep the everlasting dream of death.


I wish I could find ONE freaking article that gave genuine reasons why NOT to practice the occult. I’m sick of being presented with articles that are nothing more than a hundred Bible verses sewn together.

Boba Fett

There are people who call themselves witches but they don’t fly on broomsticks and they don’t go to Hogwarts. If you condemn Harry Potter do you also condemn Star Wars? The Jedi & Sith were sorcerers too. What about Lord of the Rings? That had good & evil wizards and magic rings. What about The Chronicals of Narnia? That story had wizards & magic and it was written by C.S. Lewis, the most respected Christian theologian of the 20st century. Shall we ban the Wizard of Oz? Alice in Wonderland? Bugs Bunny? Would you allow any fiction besides the bible?
Exactly where would you draw the line?

magpieix A.L.M.N.

Have you ever taken an aspirin? Worn glasses?
Congratulations, you’ve pursued the occult.


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