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Military Pagans! How have your experiances as a Pagan in the military been?

Have you encountered negativity, been denied anything? Does your Chain of Command single you out over the smallest things but never notice if a Christian screwed up?
Do you feel that you can be open about your religion?


  1. i personally know quite a few pagans that serve… be it pagan wiccan or what have you…..
    not once have i heard of an occasion that a pagan was antagonized, or scrutinized……
    i HAVE heard of CHRISTIANS being scrutinized. to the point it seems that the NON-christians eyeball them everytime just to find a point that the christian “backslides” and the non christian, is therepointing a finger…..
    i personally think that ‘dont ask – dont tell’ should involve religion also.. when at work, i dont feel, that religion should be brought up, at all…

  2. well for starters what most these kids call uh hum “pagan” is just another fashion trend “30% off all pagan jewerly now at all Hot Topics” yes thats true the “pagans” i have experienced in the military just seem to want to make it a issue out of it for no reason other than to make an issue of it. we had a guy that actually wanted to paint a pentegram on his wall in his barracks(deface US Gov property) and burn candles in his room (against fire code) and when he couldnt do this he started screaming religious persecution and all kinds of sht this “pagan’ was not practicing harmony or peace amoungst his fellow humans he was a trouble makiing peice of sht constantly causing conflict complete with the latest trendy tattoos and of course the meaningless Hot Topic strip mall pagan jewerly. then there was the airforce kid who forked his tounge which caused the military to install a ban on body mutilitations the “pagans’ i have experienced just seem to not know how to follow basic military standards and regulations but i do know REAL pagans who follow the teachings of Pythagoras/Plato etc sacred geometry etc who are very intelligent and live up to standards and live and work just like any other person of any faith and make no issue of it.

  3. I have had no problems with chain of command.
    The few occasions where it came up in an open discussion the issue was handled with a fair degree of respect by others….even when they were shocked by it.
    I haven’t made a big issue of it myself, since that part of my life is private. I also don’t drag any other private issues out for people to comment on, so things tend to stay where I want them to….private in this case.
    I do my best to help other people out, to teach them, and give them a hand with their problems. I live my life as I see fit, and I don’t mess with other people unless they earn it. I’m by no means a pacifist, that is not my path, so skill at arms is somewhat of a lifestyle with me. I compete in marksmanship events, and usually do quite well. This elicits a certain amount of respect from my peers also.
    When poeple do find out my affiliation, I usually hear that they thought of me as more of a christian that the ones who go around making a big deal about it….which I find to be very funny. People bring me their problems and ask me for advice, while avoiding the evangelicals who are just dying to tell everyone how they should live their lives.
    Who is doing more good in the world I often wonder….me or some christ-shouter?
    Crazy world, eh?

  4. Never had any problems. Never made a big deal out of it either. But one of my friends in Iraq was our unit Chaplin. We talked a lot and he asked questions but never treated me any different. We had Pagans, Jewish, and Christians. When your getting shot at you don’t care what they belive in as long as he covers you. Not really an issue in this day and age unless you only use it to cause trouble like mentioned above.


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