Home Discussion Forum Might the ultimate consciousness be a state of just being?

Might the ultimate consciousness be a state of just being?

And if so, do you think the universe might be conscious?
…Or maybe just being is better than being *aware*?
Sorry if this makes no sense…
Lol, @ this is not my account! Touché!


  1. Yes!
    Our ultimate enlightenment is BEING….being human
    As a human being we are supposed to ACT in a natural human manner, as human beings…
    We ARE the ultimate conscience…We are self-sufficient, we ARE (as to being)
    What has happened to us, is that our being has been stripped from us, our reality has been replaced by fluff, we are indoctrinated, and retarded as to what was, what is, what will be….
    Get rid of all the indoctrination, the hegemony, do not subscribe to Hegel’s theory, love each other, love yourself.
    We do not NEED a patriarch to save us (the state) because WE are…
    Just BE

  2. Not precisely. The trick is to realize that being also means becoming, the two are an intimate pair – and in realizing that, it might just be the ultimate state of conscious being. What is being without becoming? Consciousness and change go together.

  3. Well, that depends upon what you mean by “just being”.
    To relax and be at ease with yourself in relation to the world, understanding your connection with the universal source…thus living your life according to your own inner wisdom….then yes!
    but, if you mean to simply let the world go on around you, doing nothing about it…then no.
    We are created “aware” living beings….and consciousness is our foundation.
    Trust yourself…trust the wisdom that created you.

  4. 3 cheers for Tami…..A breath of HONEST fresh air
    I Give her best answer
    I became love….and my unacknowledged
    fear, rage and surprise….made me cease to exist…….I was no longer human
    or capable of lucid human thought
    Now I am an emotion floating
    unconditionally ….voiceless….
    like Dandelion fluff in the hurricane of REAL LIFE

  5. I still have strong doubts that speaking about this idea directly does any good for anyone 🙂
    Yes the Universe might be conscious, I will say that 😉

  6. this question makes me think of music a friend and i make. makes me think of when i play guitar and my friend plays drums and we just improv jam. just make up stuff off the top of our heads. during these moments we are able to make these awesome complex songs that last for 10 minutes and we rarely ever lose each other in our randomness.
    then when we do decide to end the jam (often without any words or gesture) and think “that was awesome lets try to make it a song!”. it never ever sounds anywhere near as good… but we will probably never receive any credit for it. and im fine with that.
    i guess i make a connection between “just being” and our random jams. to me its a place where we can be artists without the intention of anybody ever giving us any recognition for it. which sometimes seems like a downfall but even if so im glad to have been in that moment to create and witness something beautiful that was never meant for gain or for recognition. it is what it is by being what it is.
    “A painter paints his pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.” ~leopold stokowski

  7. a tree is alive and conscious
    but it doesn’t think all that much [ simple intelligence ]
    the leaves grow
    the sap moves
    the roots grow
    it gives love and healing
    but it doesn’t build rocket ships
    the universe is like a giant amoeba or a tree ,it creates new things ,like a tree creates apples, but it doesn’t think that much
    it doesn’t say im going to kill man kind because they pissed me off….the lie of the great flood.


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