Middle age male want to learn how to sing powerfully, harmoniously. Advice?

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Advice on learning how to sing?
I am a male, 38 years of age. Have never learned how to sing, though in high school I did try to enter the singing class, but they required us to audition for it and I was denied entry because the teacher thought I didnt have a good enough voice.
Suppose Ive pretty much felt that way throughout my life mostly.
Did briefly take a few voice lessons from a private coach a couple years ago, and a few times felt my voice & emotions free up and flow powerfully and more harmoniously through my body outward. Felt great!
Mostly Ive focused on somatic meditational arts, practicing and teaching tai chi, qigong & yiquan.
Am also taking a drama class again at college of marin. For which one assignment we sang a song in front of the class with no music – my performance was definitely the most constricted and off key. But at least i sang all the way through and did it. But want to sing well.
When I sing along while driving, to music / singers I seem to be better able to carry a tune.
But when trying to sing lyrics without hearing the music and singers singing simultaneously i often have gone flat & find carrying the or a tune much harder.
I like music like tangerine dream & ambient – no vocals in that type though – Alanis Morriesette, Dido, The Veronicas, Sarah McLachlan, Peter Murphy, Sinead O Connor, Sade, Depeche Mode, Enigma…
How can someone like myself learn to sign beautifully at a middle age? Am looking for people to barter massage therapy sessions with in exchange for singing lessons in the san francisco bay area, preferably around Marin. Hopefully they will know the craft well and be very patient, skillful at teaching & nonjudgemental.
Am also curious how one goes about discovering ones own voice? There seems to be so many ranges possible, yet some seem more forced than others to try singing at & i dont know if that is due mostly to my inexperience or natural voice that some seem easier than others to sing at?

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Jim C

Here are some tips that I have learned throughout my years of training that I think will be quite helpful to you:
Never tilt your head forwards or backwards when trying to hit high or low notes. This puts a strain on your vocal chords.
Open your mouth really wide and keep your tongue at the bottom of your mouth. Act like you are holding a ping pong ball in your mouth and you can not let it fall out. This improves your tone and makes you have a more mature sound.
Raise your eyebrows, sounds crazy, but it really helps you to stay on pitch and in tune.
Take really deep breaths from your lower abdomen. This will feel like you are constricting your abs and sucking in your stomach. This gives you much better breath support and control of your voice. It also helps you to hold notes longer.
Get a voice teacher. They know what they are doing and can teach you not only how to sing, but they can teach you music theory and history as well.
If you want some kind of feedback on your voice, I would recommend you record yourself and put videos on youtube. People will give you honest, straightforward answers!! Good Luck!!

Carolyn McCranie

Here is something you might try. This man is a very good teacher and you can do it on the computer. I am doing it and find it fun and I am in my seventies. Go to http://www.thesingingzone.com/aff.html?p=carolyn&w=tsz


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