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Methods of telepathy?

I was talking to my friends today on the way home from school, and they told me they had learned telepathy in their psychology classes. I didn’t believe them at first but they demonstrated that each knew what the other was thinking. I couldn’t believe it, I thought it was just something you see in the movies.
So my question is, what methods can I employ to develop a similar talent?


  1. There is no such thing as telepathy. If it was possible to develop telepathy in classes this world would not have been what it is now.
    They played a trick on you. You’re terribly gullible.

  2. Have you ever thought maybe they rehearsed it, and even if they didn’t, they are studying psychology. They could probably understand different sorts of thoughts by observing the other and seeing how they act. And they could just be saying everything each other says is correct whether it is or not.

  3. Basically, the whole point of psychology is understanding the way a person’s mind works – especially in certain situations, and from their body language, tone, etcetera. So, of course they will start to understand each other from a psychological perspective.
    In short: it’s not telepathy.


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