Methods of Meditation and Astral Projection?

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Im fairly new to Meditation and Astral Projection. I have had one short OBE before, and it was life changing. Since then, I have had one lucid dream, and it was also amazing. I try to meditate almost every day, and try to project at night before I go to sleep. I use Binary beats to meditate, and count backwards from 100, then back from 30. It works sometimes, but other times it just seems like its not working. Any suggestions?

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I did Astral Projection once


A Canon and a shot of tequila.


I’ve been rather unsuccessful myself, though mostly because I have trouble calming my mind.
Here are some tips I can recommend:
1. You need to be totally relaxed
2. You can’t become aware of it happening (my main problem). If you become aware, and start to notice the separation, it snaps you back in.
3. You shouldn’t be tired. You’ll tend to fall asleep if you are tired. A good time to practice is after you wake up.
4. Make sure there is no possibility of interruption, otherwise your mind keeps listening for the interruptions.
Sadly my work life makes it difficult for me in most of these areas.
Good luck.

yckjdrp yaphd

I am not sure about OBE for even Astral project , that’s quite similar with lucid dream, but you may search like brainwave

Donie J

Just deeply breathe and clear your mind


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