Metagross or Gardevoir for my pokemon diamond team?





This is my current pokemon team, all level 100.
Electivire ev 255 attack, 255 speed
Cross Chop
Ice Punch
Thunder Punch
Milotic ev 255 special attack, 255 speed
Ice Beam
Dragon pulse
Infernape ev 170 special atk, 170 atk, 170 speed
Close Combat
Thunder Punch
Gengar ev 255 Special attack, 255 speed
Shadow ball
Destiny Bond
Dream eater
Garchomp ev 255 attack, 127 speed, 127 special def
brick break
rock slide
dragon pulse
I was thinking either metagross:
Metagross ev 255 attack, 255 special defence
Zen Headbut
Meteor Mash
Hammer Arm
or Gardevoir:
Gardevoir ev 255 speed, 255 special attack
Shadow ball
Focus Blast
Which do you recommend, why,or do you see another pokemon i should use? Can you see one that will better suit my team? Please help? Oh and no grass pokemon please.


  1. The obvious answer is metagross because it has two types right? Wrong you can’t only take into account the types but you need to look at the moves. In this case Gardevoir has not only better moves than metagross but a wider variety of moves. This Doesn’t mean that Gardevoir is best for the job. I would choose metagross for 2 reasons 1.he looks cooler and 2. He is all around stronger. You need to change his moves though. I would recommend the moves.. 1. mega punch (or something that has a very strong attack) 2.meteor mash (it is good) 3.earthquake (that one is good) and 4. psychic. that pokemon will fit your team well. good luck

  2. go on and access their diamond and pearl team builder, it will show u ure weaknesses and help structure your team

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