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Mental Telepathy?

Is such a controversial subject. I’m aware of both the skeptics side as well as the believers side.
Though I cannot help but to notice certain events, certain awakenings I’ve experienced in the past week or two. Some would call it a mere coincidence and it’s possible. For the sake of time (and the character counter) I won’t divulge my weird past week or two, suffice it to say it was different.
However, I would like to put a few questions to those who are at least convinced mental telepathy is around and have experienced it: What are the steps to go about developing it? And what does successful mental telepathy (if it can be successful) feel like? Is it possible to contact someone you’ve never even met before?


  1. you cant develope it. you always have it and then something random will throw it into gear. ive had people say it was a bad breakup, a car accident, the death of a loved one. personaly mine was going under the knife in emergency surgery. a symptom that sometimes follows is de-va-vu, and phycosis. Sometimes i dont even know it, my friend tried to get me to do it and i did by accident. she kept saying over and over in her head “snap twice” and she kept telling me in words “just do it”. i didnt know what she was taking about so she told me to do something ramdom. it just so happens i snapped twice.

  2. Isn’t mental telepathy kind of redundant? lol I don’t think there’s any other kind.
    And I sincerely doubt that you can be telepathic with someone you’ve never even met before.
    However, telepathy has been reported with twins and people who are very close. I believe that some psychic power is possible. The scientific reasoning is that your subconscious mind is much more aware of your environment, retains more information that you aren’t consciously aware of, and can figure things out easier. This is why there are phophetic dreams that you sometimes have. We all have a level of communication with our subconscious. Some people can just access their subconscious a lot easier. Some are frauds.
    I’m not sure about -telepathy- but I’ve heard a lot about remote viewing and OBE and believe that is possible. It’s always rare, though.
    Meditation will help you develop your psychic skills more. Go onto a search engine and look for some tips to meditation, OBE, psychic awareness, ect. It’s all very interesting. Don’t listen to sites that require you to purchase anything in exchange for their tips, and if you don’t feel like a source sounds right, you’re better off looking for a different one.
    Library might help, too.
    Good luck.

  3. I am not too sure myself, but I believe it is possible. I met a man online, and we got very involved…I fell so in love. There was and still is a definate connection. He broke off contact, 7 months ago, has not deleted my details, has not blocked me. I think of him everyday. I too wonder if he thinks of me…because this connection won’t go. I wonder if it can be a mind game, or my imagination. He seems to hold me hostage. I feel his love all the time, its like he is still in contact with me. What do you think? Anybody, experts, please help me find answers too.

  4. To give you the best answer, I would need actual examples of what happened, but I’ll go with what you gave, I undertand not wanting to dibulge everything online. 🙂
    I don’t know if it can be ‘developed’. You can keep practicing, take note of when and where it happens, who it happens with, what you are doing when it happens, etc, and see if there is conicidences in the occurances. If there are, situations involving those times would be the best times to work on it. Please note, that trying to force it often won’t work, and you’ll get nothing, don’t give up, if this happens.
    Most likely though, it will develop on it’s own if you let it. The worst thing you can do is try an turn it off. It will trun off and it is very difficult to turn it back on.
    You may be able to contact someone you’ve never met before. It would be very difficult. As a beginner you would at least need to know ‘who’ you are contacting, otherwise you could get someone all wrong, or no one at all. I would give it a little more time before you try that.


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