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Mental Health Problem last 6 yr?

My brother is from a premier Eng college and was doing excellent on his job. last 6 year he is suffering from illusion depression and now he has lost his job. He lives in his world and don’t take care of himself and spend on costly unwanted things. He was too much in meditation and kundalini. He is single and we are scare of getting him married.
COuld any one look at his chart and throw some light… I would be thankful to him.
His DOB is 21st December 1975 lucknow 03:25 a.m……


  1. Encourage him to quit the kundilini (especially) and meditation for a while. Too much kundilini, even with many years of preparation can cause problems like the type he’s having. Meditation without grounding can also feed false pride, something he, as indeed everyone , is vulnerable to. Really, ideally, you should have his permission to look at his chart, all I will say is that he’s going through an extremely deep, life changing experience at present, losing his job and income and value issues will be affecting him exremely deeply. The pressure will ease up in a couple of months or so from end November. Just support him as best you can , encourage him to have a clear out of his living space, and don’t pressure him about stuff like marriage etc. at the moment, its not the right time for him to be thinking about that. Encourage him to hire a cleaner , temporarily, as if he feels unable to fully take care of himself at present, he will be in a negative environment which won’t help him.
    It could be the job he was in wasn’t right for him either, he needs to be working at something that expresses his true values and beliefs.
    Are you in the same country as him at the moment? If so you could help him clear out his space.

  2. Dear
    What looks from the Janmkundli of your brother is that this kind of situation was stored for him in previously. IN his janmkundli MOON + SATURN are placed in 10th house.Moon being a very important planet, when ever it is affected by saturn, it gives result of a person who become insane, These types of persons are not able to hold on to their nerves, Second it is seen by Mangal (Retrograde) from 7th house along with Ketu (with fourth drishti) it is a bad configuration please. It condition might have started deteriorating after 1/02/2001 in the dasha of mercury/moon. The Mercury being the 9th and 12th lord (12house being house of expenditure and loss include mental instability as well) and he is also passing through sat 7 1/2 (another bad thing)
    I can only wish him best of luck
    some pooja and other remedial measure certainly help him.

  3. is he an aquarius? they usually are touched in the head….lolzz….o i see that he is not….well then I wouldn’t worry to much about it : D


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