Home Discussion Forum Men is there such thing as being "too rich to marry"?

Men is there such thing as being "too rich to marry"?

Is there a subconscious threashold where man’s intuition or foresight in the subconscious mind knows getting married when you have reached that income or savings threashold is just too dangerous, do you agree?
I tend to agree that seeing as divorce is a 50/50 chance is it worth losing all that just for the sake of cohabiting?


  1. If you’re a billionaire, and you have to give up 50% of your wealth, are you really that bad off?
    I think the saying means that if you’re ultra wealthy, you will attract gold diggers and it will be impossible to see what their true intentions are. It’s less to do with the money, and more to do with how difficult it is to find love when you can give any woman on the planet everything she could want.

  2. A lot of men feel that way, but ironically it’s mostly women who make a lot feel that way.
    Most men who are very wealthy end up choosing marriage, while most women who are not end up shunning it as they do not trust men. I guess that makes sense since statistically men tend to be the users in a relationship. But definitely mostly women do this. Look at Oprah. Also Hallie Berry who has vowed never to get married again because she makes so much money and she doesn’t feel its worth it.

  3. If I had that sort of money or income right now I would definitely stay single. I don’t care if i’m supposedly missing out on the wonderful experience of being married, as someone I know put it, I want to keep my money with me and not let some gold digger, like that woman paul paul mccartney was with, get my money. I’m also not going to let someone else who did no work to get my money have one cent of it. I’ll just donate what I’d lose through marriage to charity instead.

  4. I think maybe it’s more dangerous to common men than rich men.
    Rich men can afford the alimony when they divorce, but common men can’t really afford the alimony when they divorce.
    I don’t think divorce is a good idea.

  5. Hell, no! Just ask Sandra – she’ll marry for money any day! And she’ll only rip you off once!
    Develop the cunning of the fox, grasshopper – install all your funds in an organisation that she cannot touch, and only have limited benefits from it. For example, live in a house you pay rent on to a company that your Alzheimer-ridden grandma owns (on paper), which has no material benefit (on paper) for you – that way any woman who comes and goes in your life can only make a claim on what she has contributed, and the house is not touched. If she put in the curtains or the sculpture, let her have them – chances are you didn’t like them anyway.
    Speak to a lawyer and an accountant. Get cunning ones. If they can squeeze your finances through a drainpipe and make it disappear – they’re OK.
    Also be aware that the swines keep moving the goal posts – if you materially support a mistress – say, buy her cars or pay rent or whatever while sleeping with her, she may be able to make some claim against your estate.
    Have a reversible vasectomy – only go out with them and never live with them, never pay their rent etc, never set them up in a residence – only settle for one when you want to have children with her, and still protect your money. If Grandma dies – get another one!

  6. Nope. You can’t be too rich to marry. However, there are other expectations too from a prospective bridegroom. A Sanskrit verse says,
    “The bride looks for beauty in the prospective bridegroom. Her mother is anxious about the wealth that he possesses, whereas her father is concerned about his educational qualifications. The relatives want him to be from a good family. Other people in the gathering are interested only in the sweets served during the wedding ceremony.”

  7. I do not see all that scare among rich men to marry. If a millionaire loses most of his money in divorce he wont be a millionaire no more, but he wont have to move back in with mom either.
    However if you make an average income the situation is different.

  8. That’s a good question Roger. Many Christians are unaware that the one of the most discussed topics in the Bible, is money. God wants us to be wise with our resources.
    Proverbs 22:7
    The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.
    Let me start by saying that unless you desire to have children, marriage becomes less desirable. That’s the first question that every man must ask himself. So lets assume you do want children. Seriously, as an American, if I was that wealthy. I would marry a woman from another country. And she would have to be a Christian. I know this answer will not settle well with other Christians. But your modern American woman has become obsessed with wealth. They will deny it, but the facts says other wise. Second, I would play my wealth down to confirm that she was attracted to me and not my money. That may appear like deception to some people, but I believe it to be a wise decision. Falling in love is natural, managing your money is not. Be wise in love, but also, be wise with your money.

  9. That’s why they invented pre-nuptual agreements.
    You can also “Stash the cash” so to speak, quite literally investing in things secretly and hiding the records or even something as simple as withdrawing a stupid amount of cash and hiding it away somewhere. Switzerland has some banks that specialise in ‘Private Storage’.

  10. It is difficult to guage when a man is rich enough to marry. If you leave it for too long, another woman will grab him. If you think that he will be rich and he does not make it, then you have wasted your time and you have to divorce him.

  11. That threshold need not exist only in the minds of men. If a guy earns a lot of money, uses it for a high-end residence and mode of transportation, and spends most of the disposable part on stupid crap for himself (in short, if he’s a rich bastard), that means he and I don’t share the same values about money and shouldn’t be with each other. It’s not about the numbers, really, just what he does with them.

  12. there is no such thing
    there are too many ways around all the problems, legally……
    The issue is whether or not the person trusts , and loves, each other well enough to marry,
    all the things people should know before marriage
    I know some people with strong enough values and love that would give the other all the money, just out of love……..and trust. everyone should be this way for happiness


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