Men; have you drank from the Holy Grail, the Elixir of eternal life, Kundalini Shakti, the Sacred Feminine?

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And Women; have you found your Shiva, your ocean of awareness that allows you to flow your beautiful life force in and through him, one that thirsts for your energy of life?
Perhaps religion has covered over your heart with its darkness, its fear of the Goddess that is hidden in all woman but it is still there, it is life affirming, informing all who seek of the universal Yoga of emptiness and form.

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Druid Dhuhh

I feel like may debase the experience of the Holy Spirit to where it is just an orgasm.

Jack of Diamonds

You betrayed Shiva!

One Tooth

I drank from the Holy Grail once and most of my teeth fell out. Wish I knew what they’d put in it.

Praire Crone

Dances With Kali .. you make my spirit sing!
Take care friend.


oh! how He thirsts for fulfillment and completions sitting at the Sahasrara Chakra- His name is Sri Shiv he needs th power and light of the Primordial Feminine that sits at the opposite pole.
He waits for the power of the Perfect Celebate that demands to power of the true Ojas Shakti that propels to primordial essence of the true feminine hidden at the Base…. The semen is retained and she smiles and straightens her back and aspires to return to her master that waits for her in the 7th Heaven and Holy Union is achieved and the next stage in Evolution is attained-
BLISS UNSPEAKABLE…….The Sleeper as Awakened !
Aum Name Shiva !!
In the Sahasrara Chakra the whole instrument is integrated. Each Chakra has its place here. At the point of the Sahasrara we go beyond the relative, to the Absolute, and into the Absolute realization of Heaven on Earth. This is a country far beyond our wildest imaginings, so much more than our words can even begin to imply. This is our ultimate destination, stretching out forever. Our progress toward this goal is a living process. When a seed matures it naturally sprouts. William Blake described it perfectly:

Kelly + Eternal Universal Energy

Unity of the masculine and feminine spectrum of experience is required on the path of enlightenment.. we must embrace the flow of both within ourselves and revere it. Once it is within we share it without.. mingling the sacred “goddess and god” within us all.. you can transcend mere physical pleasure if you unite both the feminine and masculine within yourself.

Moderation in almost all things2

“Men; have you drank from the Holy Grail, the Elixir of eternal life, Kundalini Shakti, the Sacred Feminine?” – Of the choices listed I visited many sacred feminine spots, finally settling happily with one…but the other 3 I have not drank from.
In 2001 my sacred feminine left and without an elixir I can’t find the energy to chase any others. So I’m retired now.


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