Melancholic Classical Music with themes of Higher Consciousness?

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Im looking for a classical piece or an opera which has not been used in a movie yet, that has a melancholic mood with a meaning somewhere along the lines of higher consciousness, do you know the names of any such pieces?

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Willard W

Pathetique mvt. 1 by Beethoven is melancholic. And it really has a complex and nice sounding melody…
Best of Luck!

Motet Galaxy

Olivier Messian composed several pieces. I don’t remember the names though.
There is also Arnold Schoenberg’s 2nd String Quartet. In part of it there is a lady singing, which represents rarified influences from other planets.
You could also try Karol Szymanowski’s Symphony No 3, Song Of The Night.


Jean Sibelius is the only composer I know who combined a melancholic mood, with higher consciousness feel. Unless you go to Wagner’s Parsifal. I think the Wagner was used in Excalibur, or some other version of the Arthurian tale though.
Try Swan of Tuonela.
All of his works contain this mood, it was kind of the theme of his life. His 7th symphony is very higher consciousness, Tapiola is also but gets very dramatic.


beethoven mass in c,make angels tap their toes,


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