Meditation. Should I run off to the bush to seek ultimate truth?

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I know basic meditation and repeating a mantra. Should I run off into the bush somewhere for a year and practice intense meditation alone? Or should I get training first before I consider that? And what would the consequences possibly be if I went into the bush alone and meditate without proper training? In meditation. Do you think I could find ultimate truth, or enlightenment this way?

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Nah. Mow the lawn and blear off, that’s more enlightening. 🙂

DOOMED! We're all doomed!

Maybe. I don’t know. I wouldn’t do it though.


If its hindu, u r wasting ur life
mantras are useless
dont waste ur time
however learn Buddhist path, becuz it is proven by Buddha
but again it takes years.
You dont need bush, you need solitude


No, there is no need for that.
Meditate where you are, and practice what you learn from it.
Use it in your everyday life.
Face the modern world with all that your learning, you will be enlightened..
Good Luck!


: Look within yourself and you can easily detect the answer that will able you to uplift your personal advancement!
: Generally the type of person who goes into exile in the forest, living like a hermit eating only roots and fruits that grow in the forest, etcetera… are pious, deeply devoted to religion and the purification of their soul is filled with inner enlightenment.
: Perhaps try the eight techniques of Ashtânga Yoga:
1. Yama.
2. Niyamâ.
3. Asanas.
4. Pranayama.
5. Pratyâhâra.
6. Dhârana.
7. Dhyânâ.
8. Samâdhi.


truth is in your next thought your next breath
if you mean Australian bush you need some survival training before that
if you mean some high mountain then mountaineering training would be good
its good to get away from other peoples thoughts and emotions but driving to a lonely park for the day would be all you need to see if being alone would help

swami dhyan sumeru s

you may know a form of meditation a certain practise a certain method
but you have not experienced meditation yet as this question implies
there a number of schools that would be a good starting place if you have had no
formal training they are a good place to start if you are a westerner i suggest the osho
foundation in poona india as the meditations offered are designed for people
from a western back ground there are also the tibetan meditation centre’s dotted
around that give excellent instruction but my feeling is that you are from the
west and osho would be a better place to start
if you feel that you would rather do it a lone there is nothing to stop you
and if you persevere all will be reveled in time


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