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Meditation of the third eye and deep trance?

I’ve been trying to open my third eye but I can’t seem to do so. It is extremely hard for me. I’ve also been having problems getting into a deep trance. Any suggestions?


  1. Here’s a nice one..
    Put two bottles in your room, not too far from each other, and sit in front of them (with some space in between, don’t sit too close). Then do this little trick with your eyes, if you stare at a certain way, you will see three bottles. It might take some practice but just experiment a bit, it’s not that hard. If you got that, start focusing on the middle bottle. This one, actually does not exist, it’s the one your brain makes. Start to meditate on that.
    Don’t try too hard. If you try too hard, it will mostly not work.
    That goes for many things with meditation. Meditation is about finding the right way to breath, and to find a way in between relaxing and staying awake.
    For example, sit like on the picture on this site. http://www.becomenatural.com/blog/2008/06/meditation-as-alternative-therapy/
    Breath in through your nose, out through your mouth. Breath from your tummy, and an easy way to do this is to blow every last bit of breath out, while you pull your tummy in. Then wait till you start breathing naturally, and you will breath through your tummy.
    As soon as you have that, just focus on your breathing. With every breath, you breath energy in, and all your thoughts and tension out. Keep on focusing on that. Every thought that comes to your mind, accept it, and let it go. Every sound you hear, accept it, and just let it go. Keep on focusing on your breathing.
    You will notice that your breathing will become deeper and deeper. And slowly, you will come into more of a trance state.
    The most important thing is no try not too hard. By doing that, you make it almost impossible to meditate.
    You also will see that the more you meditate, the easier it gets, and the longer you will be able to do it.
    This is just a simple technique. There are many techniques on how to meditate. I will google some sites for you.
    Good luck 🙂
    (and so on.. just google on meditation techniques..)

  2. Hello Nick
    Your trying to hard.
    Your Brow Chakra is already open, it simply takes time to become aware of your subtle energy system.
    Deep trance is also a matter of dedication & practice.
    With regard to your brow, visualisation methods may give better results.

  3. 1. Focussing your attention in forehead to open third eyes is not advisable in current era.
    2.In current era opening of third eyes means ” developing the understanding ” to live better life which is normally aquired by wittnessing the thoughts . This can be done like : sit silently in comfordable posture and be aware about activities happeining in surrounding as well as in body , allow mind to become free ,after certain time close the eyes and wittness the thoughts flowing in the mind like spectator. This can be done 1 hr daily , slowly mystery of life will start opening for you and life will start changing and understanding of life will also start changing.This the natural rule , to develop the understanding.

  4. I would suggest that you ground yourself, letting go of your everyday thoughts and just relax. make a humming sound if it helps you to focus, and feel you body to reconnect to yourself!

  5. If you try very hard, it won’t open as explained in Zhuan Falun on the web: “And there are some people who really want to get their Third Eyes opened, but the more they practice, the less likely they are going to open. What’s the reason? They’re clueless about it. The main reason is that you can’t seek the Third Eye–the more you seek it, the more you won’t have it. The more you seek it, not only won’t it open, but worse yet, something will actually flow out from inside your Third Eye, it’s something you can’t quite call black or white, and it’ll cover up your Third Eye.”
    To understand the mechanism, you can read the section, Third Eye, in the Lecture.
    Falun Gong is a unique School, teaching an ancient qigong practice for the body, mind, and spirit based upon the universal principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance. Falun Gong consists of five sets of powerful exercises. The online book provides easy to understand concept in the practice.
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