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Meditation is inner peace?

So I have done meditation a few times and self hypnosis mostly to build my confidence. I should note here that I have never been into spiritual or New Age stuff. I am not sure which one caused it but at somepoint I lost all thoughts. Some may call this inner peace. I feel anything but inner peace, I feel partly dead because of those random inner thoughts have been silenced. I often have no thoughts through out the day unless I get thinking about something. I feel like part of me has gone and I feel down about this. I am glad I don’t feel like a Zen monk who is free from all desires and emotion. I still remember my past memories, think about the future, feel emotion, worry, laughter, lust, upset, anxiety etc because constant happiness 24/7 isn’t living. I think being too negative is bad as well as being too positive there is a fine line there. It’s normal for us to experience all types of feelings whether good or bad. So will my mind be forever blank and absent of random “inner talk” thoughts? I have completely stopped doing any more meditation/self hypnosis etc so will I return the way I was in the months, years to come.

Please reply because I don’t know who else I can talk about this.



  • I think it was the self hypnosis- meditation doesn’t do that. Or are you a troll?

  • This is an experience that comes from becoming aware that our thoughts are related to experience and do not define who we are. I backed into this type of experience in Jan07 and found it to be devastating. If you have truly entered this state, then it happened from more than meditating a few times.

    It took me 2 1/2 years to process this psychological event. I am comfortable now, however for a long time my sanity and survival were in question. Essentially, what you have found is that we are all nothing but possibility at the deepest core. This is because we are all dynamically changing, self modifying machines. Even a thought

  • Meditation certainly won’t make you feel like you’re a blank slate who’s lost his identity. I would suspect the self-hypnosis, or perhaps there’s another reason entirely. It couldn’t hurt to talk to a doctor or therapist about it.

    Yes, meditation stills the mind and for most people brings a sense of peace and well-being. But even the most spiritually advanced Zen monk still has moments of joy, sadness, anger, excitement, you name it. The only difference is that they see the thoughts as the transient things they are, and so they can passively observe those moments without getting caught up in them. Jack Kornfield’s book “After the Ecstasy, the Laundry” talks a lot about this — how flashes of enlightenment are indeed blissful, but eventually you get pulled back into the mundane realities of the here and now. But nothing that happens on your meditation cushion should make you feel as though you’ve been stripped of your identity and turned into an automaton.

    Good luck.

  • I cannot imagine that meditation (as I understand it) could lead to an end to thoughts. But I suppose you could have been doing something more extreme, or maybe the meditation coincided with the onset of mild depression, etc.

    The idea is basically to be aware of thoughts and feelings, to see them as they are, so that they do not form the basis for delusion and further suffering.

  • You have the same inner thoughts you always had, you’ve just convinced yourself that you don’t, so you don’t notice them. What you need is some therapy, which makes you no different from 75% of the rest of the population.

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