Meditation for non-Buddhists?

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I’m looking for a CD (or many) of meditations. I’m a Christian and I respect the Buddhist religion, but I’d rather have something more general. I liked chakra meditation, and I was also in a meditation class where the instructor talked us through a session… this is hard to explain… but it made me feel like a rag doll. She wanted us to pretend our bodies were going limp or falling asleep slowly from the feet upward. It was so relaxing. I want a CD that will talk me through methods like that. Any ideas?
FYI to some of you, I was not asking for your opinion on my religion. Thanks anyway.

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Jesus says to be awaken, not relaxing and “sleeping” all the time. Only prayer is in help to search God, but meditation is concentration on the feelings and senses. Do you need this?

Jesus, the Only Name that Saves

God’s recipe for success by Pastor Christ you can but it at
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Yoga is Hinduism the very 1st pose is sun salutation.. (in ur stupid language pagan worship) also yoga stands for to be 1 with God – NOT Jesus – u Christians r a bunch of hypocrites – wen realize there is benefits in yoga wants to practice it.. & yet goes around preaching it’s nothing to do with religion. Please learn to give credit wer it’s due & wake up your ideas.


You could look into various yoga meditation videos/cds which interest you. If you are specifically looking for something Christian this place seems to have a variety of walk-you-through type of CDs.
If you just wanted to meditate and concentrate on your breathing you could always just meditate to something like the Gregorian Chant CDs. I have a shakuhachi CD that yoga and other places use during meditation sessions (
Meditative yoga or Zen CDs can be very general and often do not preach any dogma.

swami dhyan sumeru s

there are many cds on the osho web site and are really beautifull
check them out


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