Meditation experience, has this ever happened to you? :)?

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Yesterday I was meditating for about 5 or 8 minutes. I started with simple full breathing for a few moments. Then I visualized my crown chakra opening (I just picture the top of my head opening in a circle projecting really bright white light) while I did that I could feel the energy coming form my crown chakra 🙂 I then pictured little spinels or rays shooting from my opened crown and falling around me (it kinda looked like an egg shaped bird cage is how i can describe it) I was in the middle and all these rays of white light were around me. Then I visualized them expanding until I was just inside a egg shaped white light shield 🙂 Thats when I started to not feel my right hand. I was sitting in half lotus position with my left leg on my right. I also had my left hand in a relaxed fist form and my right hand covering it. At this point I couldnt feel my right hand at all. It wasnt a numbness feeling with tingles, Ijusr could not feel it at all. Has this happened to you in meditation?
Thanks 🙂
Love Light and Peace 🙂

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@Sean the Pugmaster@

Wow, nope.


yes, that is normal. that is gnosis
you may safely ignore the other answers.


no, that ha never happened to me. I know of a monk that has meditated in a cave hundreds of years ago and was able to meditate until his body shut down and he actually died. I do not know how long he meditated. I will try to find his name.

Thomas A

Another person on this site shared a similar experience to yours.

Road Horse Back On the Road


Sadhara Satguru

Maybe not like your experience as that was yours to enjoy, but yes a very common occurrence when opening to spirit.
The numbness would have been down to your body relaxing, so that part wouldnt have been mystical in any way.
Keep up the meditations, next time you can ask what you see what it means to you & you may hear an answer!


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