Meditation, Chakra?

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Why did it say that opening Crown Chakra without strong root chakra is dangerous?
What’s is the importance of opening root chakra before opening the higher chakra? What’s the difference with opening the crown first?

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Get tuned into the ethereal (crown chakra) without being strongly anchored to the Earth (root chakra) and you go nuts, basically.


Naroto has two type of chakra,
one from himself and another from the nine-tail demon fox
peace bro

Don H

You become very fearful of the things that you are suddenly able to see and understand. You may even question your sanity and run from the realizations setting up a permanent mental block to any further advancement. This can be difficult or even impossible to overcome.
It happened to me and it has taken years and I’m still not back to the point I was at before the fear overwhelmed me.
Be very careful.
Love and blessings Don


These Chakras are the energy centers in the body. One should learn to open the root-chakra and gradually climb up the sixth chakra which is the Crown Chakra. If one does not follow the sequence, it may lead to neurotic imbalance.


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