Meditation and Labyrinths

Zazen Meditation

The purpose of Zazen Meditation is to free your mind of the materialistic hold our lives have on us and once you are able to allow your thoughts to enter and quietly leave without investigation you will no longer be limited. This will provide you the quiet calm needed to see the truth of your nature and your place within yourself and the world. Your body, mind, and breath will become one.

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Dream Yoga Lucid dreaming and Astral Projection

Dreams give a clue of the true personality. Mystics have been using astral dreaming to go into previous births to heal karmic influences.

How To Have An Out Of Body Experience Introduction

Irrespective of your level of meditation capability, you may be interested in discovering that certain brainwaves make out of body experiences more plausible, and there are meditations to transport your brain into this kind of state. This is a real technique to aid you! The brain, like anything else, vibrates at certain frequencies, which generate certain chemical processes. You could very well have heard of the alpha, theta, and delta waves as we experience nightly sleep. There are analaguous brain waves for every state, including the out of body experience

Labyrinths are walking meditations that go way, way back in time. Archeologists can date them all the way back to 1500 BC but they are probably much older than that. We can find them all over the world, in churches, cathedrals, old ruins, and now many spiritual retreat centers have them. Perhaps the most famous labyrinth is Chartres Cathedral just south of Paris. It’s a beautiful labyrinth that dates to over 800 years ago. I suggest anyone that goes to Europe visit Chartres Cathedral. It’s beautiful and the labyrinth is right inside the cathedral.

Labyrinth Glastonbury Grass  - shamboo / Pixabay
shamboo / Pixabay

Some people confuse labyrinths with mazes, but it’s not a maze. It is more of a meditation that is in walking form. Let me explain. The labyrinth has a pathway that you walk in order to reach the center but it goes round and round, back and forth, until you reach the center. The key is to take slow steps and just walk towards the center; taking your time and following your breath. I recommend with each step taking a breath. Continue to walk all the way to the center until you get to there. Once you get to the center, stop, be, listen. I don’t want to necessarily tell you what will happen but I do want to encourage you to get on the internet and find a labyrinth near you. Go to the labyrinth and walk the labyrinth. See what happens when you get to the center. The experience is different for different people.

I love labyrinths and have been to many of them around the world. I encourage you to try a labyrinth. They are a walking meditation in a beautiful, winding course. Many people, including myself, see it as a metaphor. At one point you’re born, you enter life, life has twists and turns but then when you reach the center all is well. All is well. All has always been well, because there’s a path, a journey that each of us is on. This path has a direct, exact way for each of us to go and we really can’t veer from it even though it has twists and turns in it. It is leading us exactly where we are supposed to go. Our goal throughout the journey is to stay present, stay focused, and just take one step, one breath, or metaphorically one day at a time. As we enjoy the journey, even with the twists and turns, we get to the center and all is well.

People around the world use labyrinths as a way to enter a contemplative state; a state of mental coy essence, where our minds are still and we just be. Taking one day at a time, one moment at a time in life. Life truly has a course for each one of us. All will be well; we just need to keep going. All will be well, all is well.

Throughout history people with time and money limitations have traveled labyrinths in lieu of traveling to actual holy sites. They see the labyrinth as a substitute to these travels and create the same experience as visiting one of these holy sites around the world. I encourage you to find a labyrinth and experience it. Experience something that has been around the millenniums.

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Why the Need to Fear?

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