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What are the Four Objects of Meditation and explain them please ?

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  • The ultimate goal of meditation in Buddhism is to prepare your mind to capture the signal of Niroda sanya (the signal of neither Perception nor Non-Perception) which puts you on to the great Arahath Ship.

    Arahathship can be obtained in Rupa Jhana and Arupa Jhana by placing your mind with Niroda sanya

    Rupa Jhana

    First Jhāna
    Second Jhāna
    Third Jhāna
    Fourth Jhāna

    Arupa Jhana


    Not in nevasanna-nasannayatana stage because you have developed your Samadhi state to an extent that your mind cannot capture the Sanya (signal)

  • The four objects or frames of reference are
    1.The Body
    3.The Mind
    4.Mental Qualities

    These are used as frames of reference for Mindfulness meditation for the purpose of discerning their true nature and the nature of the self.

    The body is examined from either an internal or external reference as and of itself. Its beuty and strength ignored, yet its movements and postures and inevitable decay are focussed upon.

    Feelings are examined as and of themselves, that they exist, originating and passing away, good, bad and neither good nor bad, they just are.

    The mind is examined as and of itself. How it can be confused, focussed, unfocussed, unconfused, scattered and passionate. discernment is made regarding all these phenomena and how these phenomena can originate and pass away.

    Mental qualities are examined from either an internal or external viewpoint. Discernment is made whether there are desires for the 5 hinderences or not, whether there are desires for the Aggregates or not or whether there are dependent arising for the senses or not.

    Then discernment for the 4 Noble Truths are examined in relation to the mental qualities. Is there discernment or not is the criteria.

    The excercise is done to help us realise the concept of No-Self. When we have none of the perceptions of dependent arising, and that the objects of Meditation are just that…objects and not really us…we are ready to become truly independent of our Skandhas. These are the objects of Meditation, our Skandhas and it is the object of the exercise to see them for what they really are. Nothing but themselves, they are not us.

    Peace from a Buddhist…

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  • Samadhi, these questions have answers that take more space to write about in here. You’d be better served in finding books on the topics, since whole books have been written on it… or a website that pleases you. Have you checked out the FPMT sites and Lama Yeshe’s Wisdom archives? You might find it all to your liking.


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