Meat eaters? Do you think vegetarians have a higher consciousness than meat eaters? More caring etc..?







  1. Strong meat was made for strong men.
    Vegetarianism is only a choice it doesnt make you a better person and unless your only eating organic fruits and veges than its not even a health benefit.

  2. no i dont think so. it means they are passionate about not eating meat, but meat eaters could be just as apssionate about something, just cause it’s not about eating animals doesn’t mean it’s not just as strong. a meat eater could be passionate about global warming and care just as much as the vegetarian does about his subject.

  3. Unless you are fruitarian, you still kill the vegetables and fruit. Therefore, you don’t have anymore consciousness than the meat eaters.

  4. Honestly, yes! Have you ever seen a video of what it is like inside the factories where they factory farm animals? It’s terrible! The chickens are all put together in an enourmous cage and they can’t even spread their wings. Can you imagine going through your whole life not ever being able to lift your arms? You live in a place like this for 6 weeks and then you are chopped up.
    And they heave live, sick cattle with pitchforks to get rid of them.
    Maybe hunting was ethical at one time, because people truly needed to eat animals for food. However, we have transformed hunting into pure exploitation. And that’s why it’s not moral at the present.
    Of course, this does not mean that all vegetarians are better people than those who eat meat.

  5. They do have a higher consciousness, but whether or not that makes them a more caring individual is less clear.
    Vegetarians will be more involved in what they are buying, cooking and eating. This heighten awareness of both the self and what’s in the environment is related to their consciousness. But this is not present only in vegetarians. This conscious decision-making awareness is found in other peoples as well, such as those with strict dietary guidelines, whether you are honoring kosher laws, dieting, counting calories, etc.
    In addition, it can make you a more caring person for the things you choose to go into your body, since you are constantly selecting, but perhaps not necessarily a more caring individual to others, although I’m sure someone can find a logical reason that it does. I wouldn’t rule it out, that’s for sure, especially since a daily habit of selection and heightened consciousness would be good practice for your decision-making processes and can influence you to care more about yourself, and in this perspective, perhaps more caring towards others as well.

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