Meaning of "Im'a"?

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Hi everybody! I’m Italian and i really need ur help!! I really like English and usually I try 2 understand songs without reading lyrics but this time it’s very hard 4 me 2 understand this: “Im’a”!! I heard it in some songs..e.g. “Im’a say your aura is..”by Rihanna “Im’a show you how to move” by Rihanna, “Im’a do this as a fuckin’ hobby” by Eminem and so on! So i think it means “I want” but i’m not sure!
ttyl!! p.s: sorry4 my English!
oops..i was wrong!!i think it means “I must” not I want!!
thank u guys SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!! It’s so good 2 learn this kinda things!!I love english!! I can’t rate any of u coz i’m 1st level! I’ll do it ASAP!! byeee!!thxxxxx!!

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its “i’m going to” just spoken very fast

suzanne g

I’m going to


I am going to


It’s a mix of the words “I’m” and “a” to create “Im’a”. It’s very poor grammar and the person who created it should be shot. So, Im’a means I’m a ….or I’m going to.


It is very difficult to learn English from pop songs, because they use a lot of slang.
“Im’a…” is short for “I’m gonna…” which is short for “I am going to…”
So Rihanna is saying “I am going to show you how to move” and Eminem is saying “I am going to do this as a hobby”.

dj bis

it’s slang.
first it was i’m going to
then it was i’m gonna
now no one has time so they just say Im’a


It’s a very short form of “I’m going to”


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