May I earn on reiki ?

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I have got the second reiki degree. For fiew years I have been practiced on myself and relatives. May I earn on reiki sending, giving it to the other people if they need it ?

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My sister-in-law has a qualification in Reiki. She studied with a Reiki Master and than practiced for a year, like you, on friends, family and animals. As far as I know she has not earned a penny yet. BUT once you decide to teach Reiki, that’s apparently different. You can charge then. You could try and advertise and see if you get anyone who may want to receive some Reiki for a nominal fee. Word goes round and you may find there are not enough hours in the day to accommodate all the enquiries. Good Luck.

Yes, you can set up a business for alternative medicine. You could look for a practice that does alternative medicine and see if you can hire their premises. Or if you have the facilities at home, then do it from there.
Good luck with it.

Looney Girl

You can always offer clients a donation box – that way they can leave you money without you having to specify an amount avoids the embarrassment for both parties. Or are you talking about absent healings? Obviously a bit trickier if interstate etc. Another tip would be to give the first reiki to clients for free to see if it suits them. I’m still giving to friends fam etc for free, tho later down the track will have to start donation box – after all it people generally want to give you something for your time.

mary m

yes once u have reiki level two done u can charge for it


Yes, you can charge for it. But we have to remember, the reiki itself, which is Divine Source/Creator energy is basically free. So, your patient should be charged generously 🙂 Even more, when we channel reiki to someone, it means also we are sharing the Love to him/her.


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